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Blue Skies
Our Mission

At Pelican Point, our mission is to be a family of businesses built on Faith, Family, and Integrity. We strive to be our customers' first choice through an unwavering commitment to them, our Pelican family, and our community's well-being through our faith-based values engrained in accountability and responsibility.  

Our Vision

The vision of Pelican Point is to be known as a community influencer that continually aspires to build healthy families and communities through employment, empowerment, benevolence, and leisure. We strive to accomplish this through our core values, setting us apart and enabling the Pelican name to be synonymous with integrity and family. 

Core Values


The most sacred of all natural relationships because we value individuals based on who they are, not what they can do.


Doing the “right” thing, even when no one is watching. 


An internal obligation or duty to help or take care of someone or something. 


Showing up and setting out to do what you said you would do. 

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